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Why do we only work with female brands?

It's simple really. We don't feel inspired working with brands we can't relate to. 

With our entire team consisting of women, we confidently know that we can help you soar past your goals. Together, we speak your language and resonate with your audience, because, well, in one way or another, we are your audience. 

This means you can trust us to get you.

With us, there's no faff. 

We want to build long-term, thriving and empowering alliances so if you're looking to be ambushed on a call and work with people who you don't see as an ally, then you may want to look elsewhere...

Female led email marketing agency for brands all about women.

Once you discover the power of email, you'll wish you had sooner.

Hear from one of our clients after they took the leap...

Denise, Smith & Kennedy Scents

"We are so happy with how our email marketing has been progressing over the last 6 months, and the difference it has made to our business is that now we are seeing that 50% of our monthly revenue comes from email marketing"


If you could make 3 wishes for your business, would they look like this?


Consistent Return of Investment 


Soaring AOV and LTV


Long-term profitability 

If so, I'm happy to say that you don't need a literal genie to make these wishes come true - just a digital one.

Email marketing correctly done unlocks untapped potential and can typically account for 30% of your total revenue.

And we get there by taking email marketing off your plate and growing and converting your audience into a
consistently engaging community that's a profitable stream of revenue, meaning you can sit back and have more time to focus on other crucial day-to-day priorities. 


To achieve your 3 wishes, we do 3 things

Untitled design (7).png


Craft up a killer email marketing strategy for automations and campaigns.

Untitled design (7).png


Set up all necessary email flows and segments as well as creating an unforgettable on-brand design template for your emails.

Untitled design (7).png


​Optimise, optimise, optimise. Constant A/B testing to ensure we're building strong relationships with your subscribers whilst getting the most revenue. 

Take the first step to unleashing the true potential of email marketing and never look back.

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